The Festa al Cel at Lleida – Alguaire Airport

We are fortunate and have the honour to host the oldest and greatest airshow of Spain in Catalonia: an airshow of speed, skills and technology that saw 300.000 people at the frontline of Barcelona, Mataró, and now Lleida


The organization

An airshow is a show that requires a lot of coordination between many strata and institutions, high technical knowledge, and respect for the security of the show.

The organizer of Festa al Cel is the company Estudio Brainstorm, S.L., which has the support of Aeroclub Barcelona-Sabadell. The director and organizer of this festival is Daniel Ventura González Alonso, with the support of Xavier de Martí, assistant director; and the support of Lleida-Alguaire Airport.



1. What should you know if you plan on comming to Festa al Cel?

  • Stay tuned to the information providesd by organization, particularly in case of emergency.
  • Hydrate correctly and use comfortable clothes.
  • Use sunglasses and sun cream.
  • Provide ID bracelets to kids, elderly, and disabled people. You can find said bracelets at the information points.
  • Once the event is finished, leave the show in an orderly manner, following the instructions of the organization.
  • In case of emergency, call 112.
  • Use the rubbish bins and WC spread arround the airport.

2. Who pays the Festa al Cel?

The organizer of Festa al Cel is Estudio Brainstorm, S.L., the organization that provides the necessary means to preform the airshow with security, paying all ground-based services, logistics, and other required services. The airshow is supported by Aeroclub Barcelona-Sabadell, and Aeroports de Catalunya as well as Lleida city’s administration.

Private sponsors provide the financial means and additional activities that make the airshow grid wider and more varied.

A large part of the airshow is done on a voluntary basis, through organizations and people that provide their means, time and knowledge without receiving anything in return.

3. Why don’t  that airplane/team/helicopter/etc come?

In the case of the military displays, the airshow sends invitations to the various military forces, and their presence depends on their availability, acceptance or refusal. On the civilian side of things, appearances depend of the budget of the airshow; in other words, it depends on the number of private sponsors that provide support to Festa al Cel.

There are also logistic constraints involved (conflicting dates, excessively long distances, etc).